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Recommended Products

Many of you have asked where I buy certain products,

so I am sharing them with you here.

For all of these items, I receive a small commission from Amazon.

You will not be charged anything extra by purchasing them through these links. If you do decide to buy them here, I'd like to say thank you for helping to support my channel.

Bodylastics Resistance Tube Bands: 

These particular bands are a bit pricier than a lot of tube bands on Amazon but after a lot of research, these are often rated #1. The Bodylastics bands have built-in woven cords tucked inside the tubes to prevent over-stretching (which is why other bands can break). This pack includes a door anchor, two handles, 2 ankle straps, and 5 different bands ranging in 3-30 lbs. I've recently started using them at home and really like the quality. I'll be posting workouts in the future using these bands. If you're in the US, you're lucky since the bands are very reasonably priced compared to in Canada. Same product, but the shipping and duty costs change the price substantially.

USA link       Canada link

USA link       Canada link

1950's Outfit (worn in the 50's workout):

I purchased the one with the headband & sunglasses as seen in the .ca link. I could not find the same one on the .com link but you can purchase the headband & sunglasses separately if you want them.

1950's Theme Party Backdrop:

This is the same backdrop that was used in the 1950's workout.

USA link       Canada link

Gymb Premium Booty Resistance Bands:

These bands are rated high online and I truly enjoy the way they work. I've owned other bands in the past which pinch my skin, but these ones are very comfortable and have a nice range between the three different intensities of bands. 

More products coming soon...

USA link       Canada link

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