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These are products I recommend, or products I use in the videos.

Affiliate Disclaimer: For all of these items, I receive a small commission from Amazon.

You will not be charged anything extra by purchasing them through these links.

If you do decide to buy them here, I'd like to say thank you for helping to support my channel.

Bodylastics Bands.jpg

Bodylastics Resistance Tubes

These bands have built-in woven cords tucked inside the tubes to prevent over-stretching.

Gymb Booty Bands.jpg

Gymb Booty Bands

Nice material, no pinching of

the skin & affordable.

Comes with 3 bands.


Theraband Resistance Bands

Most recommended

resistant bands.

Comes in a set of 3 bands. 

1950 Pink Jacket.jpg

1950's Jacket & Scarf

Women's 1950's pink satin

lady's jacket & scarf.

1950 themed backdrop.jpg

1950 Theme Party Backdrop

Great for theme parties.

This one is polyester fiber fabric which can be wiped down.

Beach with Palm Tree.jpg

Beach & Palm Tree Tapestry

Beach tapestry with palm tree & boat. The furniture you see is not

part of the tapestry.

Beach Tapestry with Blue Water & Palm Trees.jpg

Beach & Palm Tree Tapestry

Beautiful white sand beach &

palm trees.

Beach with boardwalk.jpg

Tropical Island Tapestry

Tropical island with huts in 

the background. 


Santorini, Greece Tapestry

A beautiful view from Oia on the island of Santorini in Greece.

Cherry Bloosoms.jpg

Cherry Blossoms Tapestry #1

Cherry blossom trees in

full bloom.

Cherry blossoms on the ground.jpg

Cherry Blossoms Tapestry #2

Cherry blossom trees & flowers.

Ocean beach with boat.jpg

Ocean View Tapestry

A beautiful view of

the tropics.

Bender ball.jpg

'Bender' Ball

Used in the chair workouts.

This one is the best one I've

found online.

Bosu Balance Trainer.jpg

Bosu Balance Trainer

This is great for working on balance training. Can use with weights to challenge balance & strength.

Neoprene dumbbells.jpg

Set of 3 Dumbbells

A great starter set.

A set of of 3, 5 & 8 lbs for


Beach with island.png

Beach & Island Tapestry

Beach with island in the background.

Chin up bar.png

Chin Up Bar

Joist mount pull up bar, chin up

bar ceiling mount. 

Pull up assist.png

Pull Up Assist Band

If you purchase a chin up bar,

this band is great for using as

an assist to work towards 

full pull/chin ups.

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