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These workout calendars are voluntarily created by a very kind participant who works out to 'Improved Health' videos. The calendars are created to help you find workouts easily without having to choose them yourself.

Even though a calendar might be for a specific month, you can definitely reuse the calendar for the next month. The programs are offered in PDF format or Word Document. Hover over the day and the workout will pop up as a YouTube video. A huge thank you to this amazing volunteer!

If you would also like to submit a calendar, please get in touch with me!

Screenshot calendar.png

Sample Calendar: Please click on the PDF or Word document options below for the useable calendars.

January 2023 - Gentle, Beginner & Intermediate               workouts mixed into one monthly schedule.

February 2023 - Gentle Standing Workouts

                              Beginner Standing Workouts

                              Intermediate Standing Workouts

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