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Series 4

HIIT Workout | Low Impact Workout for Shedding Weight and Advancing to that Next Level 💖

HIIT Workout | Low Impact Workout for Shedding Weight and Advancing to that Next Level 💖

This HIIT workout is a low impact, fast walking workout continuing on from Series 3. We are upping the challenge by doing 10 sets of intervals today. We'll start with a 10 minute warm-up, go as fast as we can for 30 seconds and then slow it down for 60 seconds. After 10 rounds, we'll go into our cool-down and finish off with stretching. This workout is geared to help you with shedding weight and advancing to that next level in your fitness. This workout works for all levels. You just need to cater the fast interval to whatever works best for you. That might mean a fast walk, a slow jog or a full out run. Go at the fastest and safest pace for you and work as hard as you can. The 30 second bursts are short so you can push hard knowing you'll be onto the recovery period before we ramp it up again. Ideally, try to do interval training twice a week, strength training twice a week and on the other days choose whatever cardio you enjoy. I'll be putting out two optional interval workouts so you can choose which one you want to do each week. If you enjoyed the workout, please subscribe and write a comment! I'd love to hear from you! Wishing you improved health! Jules #intervaltraining #walkingworkout #walkathome Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician before starting any 'Improved Health' fitness program or any other fitness program. This content is not medical advice and is intended for general education and demonstration purposes only. The use of the information provided in this video is solely at your own risk. 00:00 Intro 00:07 Warm-up 10:00 Intervals x 10 25:00 Cool-down 29:00 Stretching