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Exercise Class for Dementia

Are you struggling to find exercises for your loved one with dementia? When I started looking for exercise classes to recommend to families, I realized there was very little online that was suitable for persons with dementia. I wanted to change that so I started creating videos of exercises I found to be the most manageable for my patients to follow.

Persons with moderate to advanced dementia need simple instruction and easy moves so they can follow along without getting frustrated. Every person is different of course and they might still be able to follow more challenging classes. To start, I would suggest trying these classes and if they are too easy, go to the more challenging classes. Some people will not need any assistance at all while others might just need you to gently encourage them or remind them to lift their foot, their arm, etc. My goal is to provide safe and effective exercises on YouTube for all levels of dementia. Please see my YouTube channel for a wide variety of classes. New classes will be added regularly. Who knows? You might even find some suitable for yourself!

Remember, it does not matter how slowly you go so as long as you do not stop.



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